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Carillons and chimes

Weigh house Alkmaar

Each community traditionally values a social meeting point at the centre of its town. Depending on culture and the number of inhabitants, each village or town has a public meeting point. Whether it's a market square with a statue of a local celebrity, a town hall with wide stairs and an archway, or an eye-catching mall: everywhere, people feel the need to emphasize social togetherness by creating a centre.

Often, you will find carillons or chimes accompanying eye-catchers such as monuments, artwork or statues. In the old days, but also nowadays, people need a meeting point that breathes atmosphere, authenticity and coziness with well-known sounds of ‘its own' carillon. Carillons and chimes add luster to places where important cultural, commercial or administrative activities take place!

Playing drum for duty bugle player Alkmaar (with organ)

Duty bugle player of Alkmaar 's weigh house


Toine Daelmans Bells & Tower Clocks combines tradition with modern techniques. Driven by electronics and programmable due to the usage of micro-processors, combinations of traditionally manufactured bells are able to play any required melody. The software can be pre-programmed in a way that a calendar is composed playing the right melodies each moment of the day. It is also possible to play the carillon using a console and a mechanical playing drum. In this way, the carillon becomes a true musical instrument. You can decide what you will play for your community. Furthermore, it's possible to record your own compositions and play these back later on. A full-fledged musical instrument with the convenience and capacities of modern technology!


Playing drum Chapel church Alkmaar


A carillon is a versatile instrument. Upon installation, Toine Daelmans Bells & Tower clocks will consider your personal preferences as well as the specific details of the location, such as acoustic and climatic characteristics. By pre-programming magnetic hammers that strike the bells, we can securely determine the sound and the volume of the carillon. Also the mechanism and the size of the carillon can be adjusted to your requirements; from a simple carillon with nine bells to an extended polyphone model with more than 25 different bells. Next to standardised models, we also built custom-made carillons that perfectly fit the environment. This happens of course in consultation with you, so that your specific wishes can be realised. In this way, the carillon will not only be pleasant to the ear, but also to the eye. Ease of use is guaranteed. Whether you prefer to play pre-programmed melodies or you prefer to play your own compositions, the products are user-friendly and can be easily programmed by you after installation. You can decide yourself when you play the music and which melodies you will play for your audience.

This instrument makes it easy to create atmosphere in public space. All together, a carillon means cultural enrichment, a modern, pleasant and user-friendly way to celebrate social life!


Carillon Meppel


School Chapel Singapore



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